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Tag: christmas list

What Katie Wants for Christmas

Sadly, I think my List of Things I Want is longer than my List of People Who Love Me. Ah well.

  • 2 gb (or more hehe) Compact Flash card for my new camera. 128meg isn’t going to fly with this baby.
  • Filters/lenses/camera bag for said camera.
  • webcam for the techno-geek in me.
  • a new bedframe because mine is about to collapse. I wouldn’t mind a springy-thing either. I don’t have one, just a buddy board.
  • A tokidoki bag. I blame Sonia for that one. I want either Ciao Ciao, Bella, or Bambino in Citta Rosa. I was looking at the fall collection. I REALLY want Dolce or Bambino in Inferno. Portatelefono is probably the right size for my cellphone too… However, I know that nobody loves me $100-purse worth lmao.
  • A Bluetooth headset.
  • Playstation 2 and Katamri Damacy.
  • Random little accessories and clothing items.
  • Pink creepers.
  • Jeans that actually fit me.
  • Gift cards and cash donations towards keeping me fed and my phone bill paid.

etc etc etc.