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Tag: bathroom cleaner

Phone Woes and Sore Throat

Saturday I broke my cellphone. The display went all wonky on it. So yesterday I went to the dealer and he arranged for T-Mobile to send me a new phone under warranty. So all I have to do is send this one back. Well, of course, today the phone is working PERFECTLY. Both displays are just fine. Since Saturday the inner one would blink on and off and the outer one was either inverted (upside down and backwards) or black. Today I see my clock, I see my image, the logos are the right way.. so they’re gonna be like, “uh there’s nothing wrong with this phone besides the teethmarks on it”. Blah. I hear they can charge the cost of the phone if they think you’re trying to cheat the warranty :| DIE PHONE, PLEASE!!!

Oh yeah, lets test the blockquote css. La la la!

In other news I think my bathroom cleaner tried to kill me. I bought this tile spray stuff and omg. It felt like sandpaper in my lungs just being in the bathroom. I had to leave for an hour and couldn’t breathe right half of that time. This morning, my throat is KILLING me. I can’t swallow well and the soft squishy sinus-thing on the top of my mouth is crazy swollen. I’m thoroughly miserable and I want to go back home and sleep.