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Category: Music

32 – The Concert Situation

I love me my concerts

The last one I went to was Muse. OMG it was amazing. Definitely quite an experience.
Before that I saw.. Atreyu, Thrice, Story of the Year, Avenged Sevenfold, and some other bands.

Two words: MOSH PIT!

Coming up next is.. Panic! at the Disco.. and then AFI… and then my VIP Pimp Status for Godsmack and Rob Zombie.

Good times will be had!

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14 – Listening To: Basement Jaxx

I’m listening to Basement Jaxx right now.. I have Kish Kash. This girl has an amazing range, it’s really quite impressive. I put techno on cause… it was probably the happiest music I have? Sonia requested ska but I don’t really have any.

Vinz is giving me the “I have to go potty NOW” look, I’d better take him outside.