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My Manhood On The Tripod

Michelle and I were notorious in Jr High and High School for being that crazy duo that thinks in weird ways. We made it a point to do as many projects as we could together, because it was just that much more interesting. The best ever was when we were supposed to do a performance of a scene from Julius Caesar. We got assigned the scene where Julius tells his wife about the dream he had, where they were drinking his blood, as well as some of the happenings before his demise.

We rewrote the scenes Mission Impossible style.

It was cheesy. It has bad music. It was EPIC. Oh, and the dream? We filmed is as a commercial break.

“It’s cool, it’s thick, it’s REFRESHING!”

I find it really disturbing that this is still on the internet, but there is documentation from when this actually happened, on a web page that should not exist and could potentially tarnish my good name ;) What? It was 2000. Cut me some slack. Michelle is looking for the video tapes, because the world needs to see them.

We had also done scenes from another Shakespeare play, in which Michelle plays a man, and stuffs a sock down her pants. The sock is in the Bonus Features, in all kinds of weird places, with a voice over annoucing that “This is my manhood ________________________” (in the tree, on the tripod, etc).

We got A’s, of course.