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Taking Over The World, One Chip at a Time

It was one of those days, where work just, you know, sucked. It sucked something fierce, and not just for me. It was a universal thing it seemed. So after work, Friend Tom and I headed to Island’s for Happy Hour, because margaritas make everything better.

I believe it may have been this trip that lead to “FACÉ!!!!!” which to this day makes me giggle. But that’s another story.

During this Happy Hour, our Master Plan was born. You see, Friend Tom and I are going to take over the world. It’s a fact; it’s just that nobody believes us. But when you see tortilla chips on car windshields, you will know one of two things: either our master plan is going into effect, or Friend Tom and Friend Katie have had WAY too much to drink.

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  1. Scott
    Scott Mar 24, 2009


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