Names Changed* – New Project

So, the other day when I was cleaning/packing, I had something of a nervous tick come up out of nowhere, and I wouldn’t stop telling stories about old friends of mine. Pod suggested starting a blog where I could tell these old stories, since Kat Scratch Fever is really more a “now” blog than a “then” blog.

So, I started a new blog. Yea, I know, I’m addicted.

Names Changed* is now up and running and open. There’s only 2 entries so far, and I don’t know how often it’ll be updated, but the stories will be interesting. It’ll give some insight as to how I got where I am today.

One Response to “Names Changed* – New Project”

  1. yoshi Mar 2, 2009 at 5:58 pm #

    sweet! I put you in my links already. :D