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Bluetooth Headset Thoughts

So, there’s a lot of states that are passing laws requiring hands-free devices while driving. I figure Oregon will pass one in the near future. Also, I want to be one of the cool kids Actually, I’m just too lazy to hold my phone to my ear, and I really missed having a Bluetooth headset (I used to have a Jabra BT125 and was pretty fond of it, up until I dropped it in a puddle and it stopped working). So over the weekend I went and picked up a new one.

I was hanging out at Best Buy and picked up the Jabra BT8040 since I had liked my original Jabra headset… that didn’t work out so well for me. I plugged it in, let it charge for a bit, went to use it… the connection was extremely flaky. When it was connected, it was really static-y and dropped out ever few seconds, then would completely disconnect. No good. Also, pressing the button was not bringing up my voice dialing (srsly? Voice dialing is pretty key to the whole “hands free” thing). So I went to get the firmware update for the headset and started to install it… and it crashed. Fantastic! Do you know what happens when a firmware update fails on a headset? There’s a good chance that it will leave the headset nonfunctional. Which… it did. So there I am with a bricked headset. *sigh*

So the next day I went back to Best Buy and returned the defunct Jabra and got my money back. I had been talking to my friend Shawn and he was telling me about the new Jawbone.. his exact words about it were “Seriously, the Jawbone is one of those techs that is so advanced, it’s close to being magical.” I’ve got to say I’m pretty inclined to agree. The noise cancellation on it is amazing!

Now, in the Jabra’s defense, I did wind up having to update the firmware on my BlackBerry to get the Voice Dialing to work properly, even with the Jawbone… but man, the Jawbone totally put all other headsets I’ve ever seen to shame. I am so pleased! Best.splurge.ever.

I Am An Expert!

That’s right. I am an expert. A certified one even! Adobe says so. At least, in Lightroom anyway.

I went on Saturday to take my ACE exam (Adobe Certified Expert, see?) for Lightroom, very early in the morning. I walked in and signed some paperwork and got stuck in front of a little computer. It was very much a “you know it or you don’t” kind of test, so I went through it in about half an hour, because sitting and staring at the questions I didn’t know was no help at all. So I finished and checked my answers and hit submit and got a little screen that said something along the lines of “Basically, you’re pretty much awesome!”

So yeah! I am excited. I’m taking my Photoshop CS3 one in a couple weeks… I hear that one is WAY hard. I need to get studying.

*does the Expert Dance*

I only got 70 WPM on my typing test today.

Nobody felt bad for me. WTF?