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Month: August 2007

Busy Busy Bzzzzz

So, we wonder where Katie has been hmmm? I’ve been out having *gasp* a real life! It’s amazing how much more I do here in Portland than I did in L.A.

So let’s see… what have I done this month, since all I mentioned was moving. Well, in no particular order:

I’ve been doing a few things with Tom’s band. We did a photoshoot for the band at the bar, which involved more drinking and playing pool than photographing, but hey, we got what we needed! We also did a video shoot. I wasn’t planning on being in it but a last minute change meant that I was. I don’t think they’re done editing the video yet. I tried to get photos during that but dark rooms and boys moving means blurry pictures.

My mom came to visit over the weekend! That was nice. I took her to get a tattoo and I got yet another piercing. We also went to Voodoo Doughnut and got her a bacon maple bar which is the best thing on earth. Oh and I took her to my bar! Oh… did I even mention my new tattoo? I got it last month. It still needs to be colored.

Anyway. I found a killer apartment and we’re moving next weekend. I’m excited!

And what else.. hmmm. I dunno. Been spending lots of time with my Tom, and with Megan and other people and it has been great fun. Bzzzzz.

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Again With the Relocating…

I hate moving.

We plan on being out of this place on the first but it looks like we have to wait until the 8th cause we can’t find an apartment that will be ready on the 1st. The new neighbors are obnoxious, we get woken up by construction at 6:30 EVERY morning, there’s no parking, and the other roomie is moving (and has also gone crazy) so yeah, it’s about time to relocate.

On the bright side, this time I am probably only moving across town instead of across the coast But still. Apartment hunting blows. Spending money on application fees blows. Packing blows. Moving blows. Unpacking blows.

But uh, getting free furniture rocks, and decorating rocks, and getting a kitty rocks, and having a place to call ours REALLY rocks, so in the end it’s going to be worth it.