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Finally, Reliable Internetz!

So like I said before, Vinz chewed through my network cable pretty much immediately after getting here. I didn’t want to get another one because I figured he’d chew through that one too. So I went the wireless route.

A couple days ago, my roommate gave me a wireless network card he had laying around. Popped it in, used my ninja skills to secure a driver for it (you know your awesome when you can get drivers when you have no internet haha), and set it up. All was fine and dandy until I turned winamp on. Then my computer started freezing. Sucky. Then the next day, it started randomly rebooting itself. More sucky. Poor Bob.

So today I went down to Office Depot and picked up the cheapest USB wireless adapter I could find. Brought it home, plugged it in.. found every wireless network in range except for mine haha. Nice. So 20 minutes later after moving the adapter about 100 times, it finally located my network and took my key and I have happily been connected with an excellent 54 mbps connection since.

And I’ve been running winamp with no crashes! Bob and I are happy now.