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Tag: spending money

Shopping Is Fun!

I went shopping today. I got my tax refund, and am about to go into a phase of my work life where I have to not spend money for a while. So, I figured I would treat myself to one last good shopping trip.

Mind you, I hate shopping.

So, I spent a few hours dragging my feet through the Lloyd Center with Tom-Tom pointing out things he thought I would like haha. It was great. I got 2 shirts and a dress-top thing (it’s like a dress but supposed to be worn with jeans under). Kind of spring stuff, super cute. I also bought a new pocket camera because my other one got lost. It’s tragic, I know. Poor camera. I think it ran off with Tom’s cell phone battery. I wanted to get some shoes but I couldn’t find any that I liked. Oh, and I still need to find one more pair of jeans. Anyway.

Then I took a nap. That’s been my day. I don’t know what’s happening tonight. Dinner is coming up soon. That is all.

How was your day?