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Personal Blogging is Dead

Ok fine, maybe it’s not dead-dead, but Personal Blogging as I’ve known and loved certainly is. A little history, if I may.

At the risk of sounding like a hipster (shut up.), my involvement with blogging began before “blogging” was really even a thing. Back then it was an “online diary” first. That was where I learned the importance of understanding your privacy settings, and not to put something online that you don’t want everybody to be able to find out about. I think it’s why I’m not super concerned about what Facebook knows about me; it knows what I want it to know and it doesn’t know what I don’t. After that it became “journaling”, and it started becoming more interactive. It was easier to follow people, easier to comment, easier to make friends.

Finally, it became blogging. A lot of the same old services were still being used, but it was very gratifying and strangely liberating when I bought my own domain and installed my own software. After participating in Blogathon, I met a lot of cool new people and hit my blogging hay day.

And then… the scene changed. A lot of my blogging friends stopped blogging. Comments decreased. Friendships faded. Then the worst happened… people started blogging for profit. It was no longer personal.

But it wasn’t just the blog scene changing that led to the mostly-death of this blog. I changed, too. I found that I had nothing to say here, really. The day to day didn’t seem as important to write about. Maybe it was just the arrogance of Youth that made it so easy for me to share all the little things and think that anybody cared. Maybe it was that I had more adventures on a weekly basis than I do now. Maybe it was the audience and camaraderie. Or something else entirely. Realistically it was probably a combination of all those things and more.

Sure, I’ve been blogging. I write a lot about my crafting over at katili*made. There is still a very lively blogging community, it’s just more themed now. It’s evolved to something else, something different, and as a blogger maybe I needed to evolve a little, too.

What does this all mean for Kat Scratch Fever? It sounds like the death of it, I know. But actually, it’s not. Lately I’ve been wanting to post here more. Things are new and exciting and different again. Life goes on and it has interesting things. So, I’ll post some of it. I imagine they will be a different kind of post than they were years ago, but KSF will have some life breathed back into it.

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