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Category: Opinionated

Oh Vista, How I Hate Thee

So, I recently bought a new computer, and like the goober that I am, I didn’t notice that I had the option of having XP installed on it. So, I got a computer with Windows Vista. Now, let me say, Vista is very pretty. Very.


My webcam is not compatible with it. Firefox crashes if I have too many tabs open. iTunes won’t run on it (it worked for about an hour, and crashed, and I haven’t been able to get it open since then). If I turn off User Access Control (which is the most ANNOYING thing on fricken earth, it asks if it’s ok to run something every single time I open a program that it doesn’t like), my software for syncing my cell phone doesn’t work. You have to reboot to turn that feature on and off by the way. It’s insanely slow. My music skips every time I open a full sized photo from my camera. And so on and so forth

I am, to say the least, annoyed.


The Christmas Tree Poll

Ok, the burning question, because I really must know…

Real or Fake Christmas trees!?

Please come cast your vote on the sidebar, because I don’t feel like redoing my whole template to include the poll in this entry. Thanks.

For the record: I am all about REAL trees. If looks could kill my mom would have been dead in a heart beat the one year she even mentioned putting up a fake tree. Go vote. Then comment here if you feel like it.