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Google Chrome

So, I downloaded the Google Chrome browser today.. I’ve only had a limited amount of time to play with it, but so far, I’d just like to say, wow. This thing is BLAZING fast. *love*

It’s a very simple, minimal looking browser. It’s kind of boring but in a good way I think.

The install was quick and painless, though I don’t recall it giving an option of choosing where to install.. the import features worked well and it grabbed all my stuff from Firefox, though it was kind of annoying that it made me close Firefox to do so.

The blank page shows a list of most visted sites, which is handy. Also, I like how the domain is black, and the rest of the URL is a lighter grey… minimize the spoof!

All in all, there are some features that I’d like to see added, but it’s a pretty solid beta, and I rather enjoy it.


  1. Wes Mueller
    Wes Mueller Sep 2, 2008

    I really like it, I do have some issues with it though…(No search bar in the upper right?!)  Also, no add ons or themes yet, but it was released today, so I guess I should wait before I bitch about that.

  2. ZardozZ
    ZardozZ Sep 7, 2008

    Don’t be suckered in by these guys. Just like Microsoft they will drive their own agenda for profit.

    If you want to step up to a browser that is OpenSource, (developed by software engineers on their own time in the Mozilla community) you really should check out Firefox 3.01.  It puts IE, Google, Opera, and all the others to shame. Great plugins, themes, add-ons and all developed by software engineers that work for the largest software companies by day and do this stuff for the “in the know” software community at night. 

  3. Colin B.
    Colin B. Sep 11, 2008

    I’ll definitely download it when it comes out for Mac OS X and it’s possible that I’ll switch to it. Firefox is starting to get on my nerves.

  4. David Wornica
    David Wornica Sep 26, 2008

    Chrome is really fast, I am enjoying it a lot!

  5. Melissa
    Melissa Sep 26, 2008

    I started to download it but my connection clipped out on me and I still haven’t gotten around to snagging a copy and playing with it.

    I gotta download a video editor before I download anything else so i can start sharing more stuff.. trying to get back to my old blogging self >_<

  6. fish
    fish Oct 3, 2008

    Sure it might take some time to catch up to firefox with the plugin’s, theme’s and what not but google really delivered on this one. With some of the most creative features that have been introduced since the first version of IE.

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