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Month: February 2008

It’s Tasty!™

Ok, ok, enough with the vagueness! People want to know what the Katie and Yoshi Super Secret Project is. Well, I guess I’ve gotta give the people what they want!

Tasty!™ is our podcast-on-crack project about our favorite topic: FOOD! The audio portions will have things like food in the news, bizarre food, things we like to eat, guest chef-hosts, and other fun things. There will be occasional videocasts of Yoshi and I battling it out in some sort of demented Iron Chef type thing. We will post recipes and reviews of local yummy places. And whatever else we come up with!

The following preview is like listening to a trainwreck. Enjoy!!


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So, apparently there was this huge fireball over Portland very early Tuesday morning. I missed it because I was still asleep. Who the heck is awake at 5:30am anyway?? But yeah. They aren’t positive if it hit the ground, but they think it did. I wish I had been awake to see it… there is a video of it though, a hospital security cam caught it. It looks like it was spectacular!

You can see the video and a story about it on Oregon Live.

I’m hoping the sky clears up a bit by tonight, I’d love to see and attempt to photograph the lunar eclipse. It was so gorgeous all weekend, and now it’s back to being gloomy.

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New Project In The Works

So, Yoshi and I are working on a new project. We’re not giving away too many details until it’s ready, but I wanted to say *something* about it, cause I am excited. We did a test last night, and we have a site for it. Now we need a layout and a solid game plan. I can guarantee it will be entertaining, even if it is kind of like watching a train wreck.